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Introducing Nation Developers


Nation Developers Limited, registered and incorporated in Kenya as per the company's act, with its headquarters in Nairobi.

With its business model of developing elegant, exclusive yet very affordable homes in Kenya, with plans to extend to other African countries, a company that prides itself with having tapped the very best expertise in real estate industry, with robust infrastructure and customer relationship management systems to back its day to day operations, led by a very experienced management team, with a goal of developing 1M homes across the 47 counties in Kenya and across Africa.

Nation Developers Limited will seek to interact, partner and engage, other real estate companies. To align, share experiences and leverage business.


To be the preferred developer across Africa in provision of Elegant, Affordable and Exclusive real-estates.


To empower all into ownership of Elegant, Affordable and Exclusive real-estate solutions.

Core Values

Integrity. Teamwork. Excellence.

Core Business

Property Development

We are engaged in the development of various properties for sale that are spacious & elegant ranging from apartments, bungalows & maisonettes.

Property Management

Looking for a company that can manage your apartments, bungalows or maisonettes? We are the go-to property manager of choice in Kenya.

Property Features

Spacious & Elegant

Our properties are spacious and elegant suitable for the modern family. They come with a number of elegant bedrooms, bathrooms, guestrooms and are built on a sizeable plot of land.

Sunny Gold Living Rooms

Power & Water

Every property within our portfolio is connected to the grid and water connections. Power & water is available 24/7 all year round.

Sunny Gold Bathrooms

Parking Bays

For families with cars all our properties have a parking lot. Our bungalows and maisonettes have dedicated garages.

Nation Gold Parking Space


We provide a high perimeter wall coupled with an electric fence around the estate and live fence in between the stand alone houses.

Nation Gold Bungalow

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